Parents in Malaysia
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This group is for you if you are a parent in Malaysia. Simple. Especially for if your have children who are attending school/college/university.

Children nowadays are different from the previous generation. They are technologically savvy, from their mobile phones with textbooks stored inside to their computers and laptops that connects to Facebook and YouTube. Some are even starting to earn an income while they are still studying!

Apart from that, they are smarter, most probably due to how the private education sector has grown.

So as a parent, the challenges to educate and teach them is very different for each individual as they have their own strengths and whatnot. Nowadays parents don't want their children just to be smart academically, but to grow holistically as well, such as playing a musical instrument, social skills, entrepreneurship, coding, etc.

This group is dedicated to helping all parents teach the Next Generation with the latest info on education and more.

  • 6 Mar 2018

    Welcome! We're new to this platform, but thanks for stopping by! More to come! :)